Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Giant Size Proposal

We have all seen it on television and the movies.  There are some men who go out on a limb for dramatic marriage proposals. Some are very private, others are extremely public. Advertising blimps may be what you have in mind for your special moment.  However, there are other alternatives that are a little over the top as well that may not depend on her looking up at just the right moment.  

Arizona Balloon makes not only advertising blimps but other massive, traffic stopping big balloons like the advertising balloons you see at car dealerships during big sales to attract attentions. How about a Statue of Liberty with a banner asking your sweetie to marry you?

I don't know if it is something she'd be able to retain as a keepsake later.  Just where would you put it?  Surely, after you are done, I am sure the local shopping mall or school could put it to good use.    

Driving by the main drag of town, I always wondered just who made all these things.  Now I have the answer.   Check out the website for when you want to make a very big splash.


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