Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Running in the UK

Sometimes our British readers feel a little left in the dark when I talk about shopping sites.  While you may easily be able to order books and clothing from American and Canadian sites, furniture and other large pieces to create a home restoration are a little impractical.   ShopWiki has a UK site as well.  Even with clothing, the postage is so much higher that if it is not one of a kind, buying local may be better.

If you are so used to wearing vintage shoes or leather soled shoes, but need something you can kick around in or train in, there is a guide for running shoes to give you some tips on how to get the most out of them.   This is particularly important as there are so many injuries when people don't tie them or maintain them correctly for performance.  Within the same page, there is a link to a guide on selecting a shoe, as this is critically important if you can' try them on.

One tip:

Stretch them out. Running shoes tend to stretch out and mold to your feet the more you use them. So before going on that long run, try walking around in them or running short distances to get used to them.

I always thought of old leather shoes when I thought of stretching rather than considering it for running shoes.  Sometimes they would be the width, but not the correct ankle width, so a shoe stretcher would be used.  

If you are looking for some running shoes, they have a wide variety.  There are retro Chuck Taylors that were very sought after in the past few years.  Actually, you can find just about every brand from stores that are based in or ship to the United Kingdom.


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