Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Cabo San Lucas - Dig Deeper than Tourist Spots!

May times the tourist destinations on cruises and other guided vacations leave me a little cold. You don't really get to see the history of the area aside from the hyped tourist traps. You get to relax for about a minute on the beach that they tell you can relax on, or are pretty much stuck on beach vacations, as there is only so much of one beach that you can take.

I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw when I was looking at the Cabo San Lucas villas. There is so much history to that area of Baja California. It wasn't really discovered as a tourist area until the 1970s, so the area is not completely bulldozed and invaded by every chain imaginable. There is, of course, some of that, like everywhere else.

What appeals to me is that you can go exploring off the beaten path, and there are sure to be many old buildings, forts, and family businesses that have been untouched. Apparently, the allure of its coquistador and Jesuit missionary past has made Cabo San lucas real estate really attractive to modern American adventurers, particularly those on the west coast.


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