Monday, August 25, 2008

Putting the Horse Before the Cart

All of this talk of renovating, and looking for historic homes has me recall that I forgot one crucial point. It is all about living in fantasy land until you crunch the numbers and can afford to buy a "new to you" home to renovate.

Sometimes, this involves a little bit of credit repair on your part. Occasionally, we just have a few things in our past that require us to take a step back. The "big ones" like mortgage and vehicles are the most important ones to have not defaulted on, but sometimes we forget about the little things. A number of small credit cards can lead up to needing some bad credit repair.

You can attempt this yourself, or there are credit repair services that can help you. It is possible, if there is only one blemish, it can be handled by you. If there is more than one, or if you have something that is a little nebulous, you definitely need further help. If there is something you don't recognize, a credit repair service can help you get it off and keep it off.

Some people report jumps of 50, 100, or 200 points that can definitely help you get that dream home. Even if no one else would think it is a dream home but you!


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