Sunday, May 25, 2008

"Sign in Please" lives...On the Internet

It's time for a break for something a little lighter... From time to time I find a website that catches my interest. In the 1980s, there was a series of books called "Sign in Please" and "Sign in Again, Please." The principle was simple, you filled in the answers to questions the book polled you and your friends, like "list your friend's names" or favorite shows.

It actually created some interaction that video games don't, as you were also asked for some questions to ask a person under 10, over 70, or ask the mailcarrier a question, etc. (maybe not those exact ages but you get the idea).
Sadly the books have gone away and you could only use them once unless you wrote in pencil.

Now on the internet, there is a site that I found that satisfies the list bug. Its called LastAfterList.Com and the sarcastic, people who like to share their ideas, trivia lovers and anal retentive alike can all find joy here reading and submitting Maybe you can even spread awareness about something important to you. Warning: it is addictive. I just learned that there are ten animals in the world that wish they were cats :)

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