Monday, February 11, 2008


A lot of buyers and sellers of vintage fashion are a little disappointed with a certain online auction site, but are hesitant to adjust their sails and try another site because of inferiority of the search functions on other selling sites.

I recently discovered ShopWiki. It is not a selling venue, but it is a large search engine for shopping only. It crawls well known sites of big box retailers like Walmart, but it also crawls many sites that sell antiques and vintage clothing as well. So, in otherwords, people can search and product that you are offering on your website or that you are looking for will come up. Right now, the count is at 200,000 stores.

If your favorite store is not included, it is very easy to add it to ShopWiki. ShopWiki seems to like the parent domain name of the store to be added, so if your store is hosted on a large aggregate shopping site, you may find that your shop is already being crawled.

So, you know where the "Shop" part comes in, but where does the "Wiki" part come in? There are shopping guides for holidays, occasions and more to give users shopping suggestions. As a registered user, you can contribute to these guides, just like on other Wiki sites. Here is a guide for V-Day, thought you better select overnight delivery as you are running out of time!

Have fun, and let me know what you think!


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