Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Digital Cameras: A Vintage Seller's Friend

Digital cameras are a must when dealing with vintage clothing or antiques online.  There are tried and true techniques that you can use to enhance the capability of any camera.  The old guidelines of paying attention to the background, the composition, and lighting are so important.  However, when the details are important, sometimes the more suited a camera is to the job, the less time you need to spend editing later.  

There is a site that not only lists different cameras on the market, but provides consumer reviews so one can find the best digital camera for the job.   Sometimes the best ultra compact digital camera is what you hope to find because you can slip it into your shirt pocket inconspicuously when you are on the road, but does it really do the job for print quality work?   The higher the megapixel number the manufacturer states, the more apt it is for print work.  Sometimes the very small cameras will surprise you.

You may not automatically think of it, as you are photographing clothing and not the Grand Canyon, but you may also want to find out what the best wide angle digital camera is for your needs as well.  When you are taking photos in a cramped space, don't underestimate the feature.  If you have a 2,000 square foot studio, that's a different story.   

Also, is the camera good at showing small details?  It may not be a huge consideration if you are photographing a vintage automobile, but on antique clothing or collections it may be.   You can't exactly throw a coat or a hall table on a scanner to show a small crack or to show exquisite detail.

If you can only purchase one digital camera at this time, buy the one with the highest megapixels you can afford to buy, but don't forget the important features you are after. Then check out to see what other people think when they have testdriven your top choices. It will save you a lot of time and money and will help you make your decision.


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