Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Entertain Yourself (and your guests)

It can be a long, drawn out process selecting a performer for your next event.   You just can't really pick live entertainers DJ, a magician, or musician based on a business card.  You may find a good rate, but who is really the best fit?  Listening to a cd can give you a clue on if a band is going to be the perfect fit for the Art Deco ball, but will they be able to support the atmosphere by their dress and way of handling themselves?  Will a magician be able to slip in to your "vintage Coney Island" theme or will he or she be uncompromisingly high tech? has an extension video collection from live performers and masters of ceremonies of all sorts. Instead of spending a year crashing weddings and stumbling to local night spots to check out their acts, you can crawl the site.

You can even find your very own Elvis there too!


DVD Texas Elvis

I have crawled YouTube, but its very hard weeding through the videos of bored people fooling around and people recorded without their permission.   In contrast, only permits real performers looking for work to display their information on their site.

Maybe this is more research than you want to do, but after the last awkward and inapropriate DJ joke that silenced a wedding reception, I wouldn't risk it!


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