Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Antiques and Ruins

Very few places make one feel like Indiana Jones like Play de Carmen does. Once you leave the main drag and head out to Tulum, or any of the other ruins, it brings out the inner adventurous archaeologist. Of course, you cannot stay right there, but there are many Playa de Carmen villas that you can procure.

Most people know about the beautiful sandy beaches, and the ancient tourist attractions and sites come to mind, too. What most people don't know about Playa de Carmen, is that there are many shops that are of a much higher caliber than typical cruise fare. There are shops featuring local artists, selling their finest goods. Also, there are some shops that carry some antique items as well as some that exclusively deal in them. The area has a rich history, and people from all over have come to take extended trips or to live there for a stretch of time, making the selection diverse.

A little known fact is that you don't have to go to the usual tourist motels. Nowadays, a Playa de Carmen vacation rental can be a little bit more diverse. Playa de Carmen condo rentals offer a very private alternative. You can save money by dividing up the cost between a few friends or couples, or you can just take a longer trip and enjoy more of the amenities that you are accustomed to at home, such as the ability to try your hand at making local dishes in the condo's kitchen and save the money you were going to use for restaurants on a few extra souvenirs.


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