Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mixing it Up

Some of my readers keep a vintage household in some way. Some of you collect furniture or decor of a certain era, so that your home appears to have been frozen in time. Some of you like to mix it up, and feature show stopping pieces from the 40s and 50s, with a fair dose of contemporary elements mixed in.

I have found that Modern Furniture really lends itself to a look if you are going for a midcentury modern flavor. Some of it really looks like a throw back to the bauhaus era or the Modern Furniture movement.

The Victoria and Albert chair, at left, evokes the sense of inventiveness that came out of the mod era. It would be right at home surrounded by pop art. In a different hue, I can also see it fitting in with a home that adored the deco era, and was just looking for something that had clean lines but at the same time wanted to throw a curve ball into their space.

Before you decide to settle for that overstuffed sofa from the big box furniture giant, feeling that its a necessary trade off to wanting a piece that you can live in and not damage an artifact, give ERoomservice a try. Modern Furniture might be for you. Even if you don't "buy out the store," so to speak, there is a lot of great eye candy there.


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