Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Platform Beds have Come a Long Way

I have focused on the finishing touches that can enhance the restoration of historic homes. More properly I should say a "vintage" home. What about the inside? How do you create a look that evokes the era of a home if you don't want it to look like a complete time capsule. What if you want to make the home look retro, but the items just are not available in good condition?

Let's start with bedroom furniture. The biggest challenge is not a 1950s home, but with a 1970s era home. Because it was not all that long ago, you walk a fine line between looking like Aunt Ellie never bought a stitch of furniture since she married Uncle Ben and a funky pad. In other words the difference between a "dated" home and a "retro" home.

There is a lot of contemporary bedroom furniture out there that evokes the feeling of the 70s. Skip the wooden bunk beds with mushroom decals and go platform. Low slung beds were very popular back then, as well as angular and low dressers. You may think of lacquer when you think of a platform bed, but there are many simple, spare, and elegant styles that would fit the bill. Just look at the modern bedroom furniture available and you can see that platform beds have gone retro.

There are many simple selections in the modern bedroom furniture category these days. If you haven't looked in a long time you will be pleasantly surprised by the styles, quality, and price tag.


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