Thursday, August 14, 2008

Etiquette: Giving Wine or Champagne

It is widely accepted proper etiquette to bring your host a bottle of wine or champagne when invited over for a special occasion. The host or hostess can choose to serve it. However, do not be offended if they put it aside. For the receiver, it is equally as acceptable to set it aside to enjoy later as it is to serve. Champagne Gift Baskets are a good choice for a momentous occasion. If your hosts are newlyweds, sending champagne and chocolate "just because," is also a nice gesture. The hosts have something to enjoy now with their guests, and a few things to enjoy later on.

Nowadays, people may say it is improper to assume that your host or hostess drinks, or that it is just plain tacky. However, I disagree. When receiving a gift, it is equally up to the receiver to exercise the etiquette of ladies and gentleman. If you receive a bottle of wine or one of the beautiful Champagne Gift Baskets that can be put together for them, and don't drink, there are several options. Thank your giver, and you can keep the champagne or wine on hand for guests, even if the giver is the only one who may drink it. You can also learn how to make a number of pasta dishes that require it. You can use the other items that come in the champagne gift baskets around the house. Coasters, glasses, and other nice things can be included.

Whatever you decide to give your hosts, please remember to customize it to their tastes. A bottle of wine or champagne is customary for dinner parties, but a gift basket makes a statement. Etiquette does always dictate to not go purposefully "over the top" to outdo other guests. Therefore, it might be in good taste, if it is not a special holiday, to have the basket sent ahead of the party. Therefore, the hosts can enjoy it, possibly plan to serve some of the items during the party, or if not, at least there will be no awkward feelings from the empty handed guests.


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