Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Where Today's Cars and Classics Meet

I found a cool car website that is well worth checking out whether your car is new or classic. Yes, classic.  Of course, everyone's definition of "classic" varies on their age, experience, and point of view.

Driverside.com has a few features that you will recognize from other types of sites. You can look up what your car is currently worth, which is nothing new. What is revolutionary is that you can search for parts to buy on the very same site. I typed in 1985 Monte Carlo, just to randomly pick a car that was a bit older but by no means a collector's item. Do you believe there were actually parts listed? It wasn't just a list of parts for cars in the past three years.

What's more, is you can "claim" your car. By selecting your model, make, and year, the experienced is a bit more customized for you. You can store your service records, and get advice also on how to protect your auto investment. I was impressed that you can choose any year of automobile. Literally! The possible dates go way back. I can't guarantee a drawing of every model or parts for every model will be there. However, as the site grows in popularity, it will likely create a demand for more.

This is the first site that I have seen where new cars, "new to you," late models, and classics can all mix and mingle.   It is well worth checking out.


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