Thursday, October 02, 2008

An Unlikely Marketing Tool: Wholesale Ladieswear

On a few occasions, I have received notes from readers asking me where to find some trendy ladies clothing wholesale, particularly trendy seperates to use for display.   Sometimes, not everyone can wear a complete vintage outfit and it is good to show alternatives or catch someone's eye when they walk past a window.  For example, a blazer or skirt could look fantastic, but pairing them together may look the wearer look like they stepped out from back in time.

Also, customers can imagine what an item may look like in their wardrobe if they wanted to try out wearing vintage items.  For example, if you had a few simple dresses, like the one at left, you could showcase an antique wrap, or striking vintage jewelry.  The price is right, so you can afford to purchase a few not just for your mannequin, but for those moments when a customer loves the items together.   

Surpringly, even though there are items at Apparel showroom are made in China,  this item and some others on the site are made in the United States!   Wholesale clothing made domestically is sometimes harder to come by, especially when it comes to trendy clothing meant to be sold at a reasonable price point.

Hopefully, you will find precisely what you are looking for to bolster your sales!


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