Tuesday, September 16, 2008

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One iconic scene that always stuck in my mind is from Citizen Kane.  There is a point of view shot that shows the blades of the ceiling fan spinning around and around.  I just thought that film was very cutting edge for cinematography at the time.

Fanamation and Quorom have several historically styled ceiling fans that will really please someone who has the same image as I do in their heads.   Quorom more has m retro inspired styles, while Fanamation has some that look like they could be
historical reproductions.

This style on the left is called "Circa 1929" and is offered by Quorum. On the right is a retro almost aviation inspired model:

If you really want something that looks like a propeller, the Modern Fan Company offers a style called Altus.

From midcentury, to deco, to modern retro, there are so many choices today aside from plain jane no frills white or the popular white with gold curlicues on the paddles that are available in many rental homes throughout the nation.   These ceiling fans can really make your room look like a million bucks even if it is spare, or you can't afford to fill your home with authentic art deco era or midcentury modern furnishings. 


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