Friday, September 26, 2008

The Ultimate Industrial Look

Recently I talked about "going industrial" with your home decor.  It is easy to get an industrial look in the home with accessories.   Some people go even further.   When there is a shortage of old warehouses to make loft apartments out of, some individuals buy their own land and turn to PreFab Buildings.  You can't get much more "industrial" than putting up your own steel buildings.  It may not give you a sweeping view of the city, but some of the funkiest "lofts" I have seen were not lofts at all.  They were big, open spaces on ground level.

Of course, you will have to check with your local zoning regulations.  There are some residential neighborhoods that you could not do this in.  Mixed use areas and rural land would probably be a better bet, though I am no legal authority on the matter.

Other ways to go industrial are to check out the Cool Roofing Options that steel offers.  It is a "green" material as well.  The steel that Norsteel uses is recycled, making it very sustainable.  When the day comes and you decide to renovate, the steel in your building can also move on and have a life somewhere else instead of a landfill.



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