Saturday, November 01, 2008

Selling at an Antique Show? Think Trade Show!

The fall and winter season of antique fairs and tradeshow exhibits is upon us.  Some exhibitors use very makeshift set ups.  It may work if you are going to set up in your shop, or just around the corner, but often completely home made set ups aren't flexible or are unwieldy to travel with.

I urge you to look beyond what you typically see at antique fairs and think about the examples that Trade Show Booths give you.  Many elements are built to be knocked down and taken with you.  What is more, is that the polished look trade show exhibitors have is what is going to set you apart and make you more money when you transition from the local community center to a national event like Viva Las Vegas.

There are some "roll and go" table top trade show displays that may cost more than purchasing poster board at the office supply store, but it will give you an infinitely more professional look.  You will only have to purchase it once to give people an image of yourself as an expert in your field and not just a "dealer" or a "seller."   Check out to look at what I mean.   You don't have to buy a lot to stand out from the crowd, but your materials make a difference.


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