Thursday, October 30, 2008

Make Your Own Candles and Save some Cash

One of the accessories in the house we spend a lot of money on is candles.   Some of them are reasonably priced but some that are considered "better" or "gourmet" candles (off word for something not edible), they can cost upwards of $15, $20, even $30 dollars.  

There are ways to cut corners if you have a day and don't mind getting your hands dirty.  You can go to and get all the supplies you need to make your own.  Different candle molds can help you create exactly the size and shape you want.  If you want to make a self contained candle, they have candle tins as well.

One thing you may have not considered is using soy wax.  It burns much cleaner than traditional wax.  I learned the hard way with an inexpensive jar candle.  There was black soot that was left behind.  It went up the inside of the jar, giving it an unsightly black film.  Also, there was a small bit on the wall as well.  Certainly soy is a better alternative for your lungs.

If you are looking for a new hobby or just want to create a few things for your home, give candle making a try.


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