Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Online Magazine for Music Lovers

Many magazines are folding these days if they don't generate major popularity. There is just too much competition from online media. Of course, you usually can't read a website waiting at the doctor's office, but there are so many copies of National Geographic out there in waiting rooms and basements, that there will be reading material for another hundred years or so. The magazines usually aren't new anyways.

Instead, many magazines are turning to webzines, websites with a stable of writers usually found associated with a print magazine. Singersroom.com is one such site. They have a variety of articles focusing on music and related topics for music lovers. Subjects include both signed and unsigned artists, fashion, and lifestyle articles.

Because it is a multimedia venture, you will find many things beyond just the typical editorial and Q%A interview. There are also many videos and interactive surveys on the site as well. Answer questions and rate songs. There is also a SingCast media player that allows you to listen to music from the site which provides an all in one experience to watch videos and listen to music files if you like R&B, Hip Hop, Old School, or Rap.


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