Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Not Your Ordinary Fundraiser

Remember when you were back in grade school and there was always the inevitabe school fundraiser for uniforms, band equipment or field trips?  Usually it involved candy fundraising. Somehow, we all ended up with stomach aches because we bought from eachother in the lunch room.   

Nowadays, there is a larger selection of fundraising ideas than there were when I was at that stage.  There is a fundraising discount card that can be sold.  The purchaser of the card would be entitled to discounts at participating businesses.  The school would approach parents who owned local businesses, or the local haunts that were already supporters of the school.  This would be something very useful for local residents to have.  If they already clip coupons, they won't mind paying a little bit to get discounts for a certain amount of time at places that they can get a bargain at.  Imagine if someone got together and organized all the antique stores?

On Fastrackfundraising.com, there is even a "fundraising wizard" which has you put in the type of group you have, the number of participants, and the dollar amount you want to raise.  It automatically suggests a product recommendation and shows you the amount of items you would need to sell.  This helps you make a realistic decision for your group.   I think that is a great way to mull things over before presenting it to the decision makers.


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