Friday, November 21, 2008

A Holiday Special from the Golden Age

I just found a really great gift for lovers of nostalgia, fans of the 1930s, reenactors and more! The Cinnamon Bears are now on CD. Don't know who the Cinnamon Bears are? It was a radio show for children that was recorded in the 1930s. It was aired through the 1950s, with several stations to this day still running it, but it is rare. It was a very popular "holiday speciel" during the Golden Age of Radio.

The show is a musical. The plot involves looking for a silver star to top the Christmas Tree. The Crazy Quilt Dragon has taken it and it is up to Jimmy, Judy, and Paddy O'Cinnamon to get it back. The series chronicles the adventures along the way that the friends encounter.

The collection consists of seven CDs, which include the complete series. The price is $27.95. It would be the perfect gift for a variety of people. Why not buy one and give it to your local library so that they can have a little piece of radio history for local researchers and school reports? It could also become a new family tradition or a way for grandparents to expose their grandchildren to how things used to be when they were growing up. Have an old fashioned Christmas!


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