Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Going to the Coast....At Home

Back in the day, when someone was sick or "infirm" it was commong to send them "to the south" or "the coast" or "Italy" in hopes of recovery. Even in ancient times, people went to the swim spa or the springs to rejuvenate.

Today, they have special pools that you can get even for your home that are intended as Hyrdotherapy Pools. They have much more graduated and larger steps for those with physical problems. There are built in adjustable jets where you can jog, walk, or swim with some resistence for a good work out. What I was most surprised to see is an underwater treadmill! It makes sense as there are people who are unable to jog, or they walk with discomfort due to the pressure on the knees. In the pool, your weight is supported. Of course, you can walk or jog around a regular pool, but there is the possibility of slipping versus staying in place.

If you do not have a chronic condition and your health improves, making Aquatic Therpay not as critical for maintaining your skills and coordination, the pool can be a "work out" pool to not just maintain health but to increase it. If you have been considering a pool, it could definitely be the one to go with.


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