Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Divine Trash is a Treasure

There is a new clothing store on the internet that I recently discovered.  It may not be "brand new," but it is certainly new to me.  Divine Trash offers both women's clothing and men's clothing that includes a range of funky basics, retro inspired T-shirts and more.

divinetrash.gifdrunknmunky clothing is one of the lines that they carry, or should I say "ranges" that they carry since it is a British site after all. It seems that the main focus of drunkmunky's offerings are centered around their logo rather than creating new silhouettes or features in sweatshirts and T-shirts. The logo has very graphic appeal, so it is not surprising why some folks have become attached to it.

The clothes shop has more than just sweatshirts and T shirts. There are plenty of accessories and leather jackets, like the one shown, which is called "rock star". It sort of reminds me of a button down denim shirt done in leather. There are many other styles that range from a classic bomber, hooded styles, to the more unusual. If you are looking for something that not everyone else has, the site is definitely worth a look!


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