Thursday, January 22, 2009

Extra Baggage

A new chapter is starting in my life, and I think that makes it the perfect occasion for new luggage. Afterall, the ones that I use most often are pretty beat up. Also, they look like everyone else's luggage which makes life in baggage claim tedious as all get out.

Tumi always produces a nice selection. There are features such as TSA approved combination locks. I am used to not locking my luggage due to new regulations, but glad they are getting back to allowing people to lock things from their fellow and sister baggage carousel loiterers. My one complaint with Tumi is that most luggage is available in every color as long as it is black.

One maker who doesn't work solely in a black on black palette is Vera Bradley, who works in paisleys, roosters, and swirls. I haven't actually seen luggage with roosters on them, but I do know handbags are made in that motif. There are a few geometric styles for those who think her designs are too feminine.

If you are a little color shy, Hartman Luggage has styles a bit more classic, with tan leather trims. It may be just a little different than everyone else's.

No matter what you choose, choose carefully, because you will have your set for a few years.


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