Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Do it Yourself Tracking...James Bond?

Using a GPS for directions in the car is very common these days, especially with the amount of domestic travel being done. It has really taken on more use being that there is so much relocation, you need a way to get your bearings. Did you know that there are devices that actually work in reverse?

GPS Tracking has long been used in security systems to help the Police track a stolen car, but did you know that now the technology is available to consumers? There is a device that reports the location of a vehicle every five to ten minutes. One episode of Hogan Goes Best featured a plot where Hogan tracks his teenage daughter, Brooke, to find out if she was being truthful about where she was going on her date.

This may be good if you have a fleet of vehicles that you want GPS Tracking on to more properly determine estimated arrival for customers. It will also help immensely when GPS Tracking can save a life. If you have a truck or limo that gets in an accident and the driver is unconscious, you can quickly determine where they are and send help.


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