Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Shoes to Make Her Sparkle and Pop

The sea of websites that offer women's handbags and/or accessories seem to number in the millions.  There are websites of various makers, shopping sites that offer a wide selection, and even affiliate sites.

One site that I recently found and I am happy to recommend to my readers is SparkleNPop. While the site offers new, and not vintage items, the owner has a definite eye.  She has an eye for spotting what is up and coming, versus what has already been.  You can buy the looks that are popular on the streets in fashionable cities now, rather than waiting on the lead time of a fashion magazine showing a star wearing a style three to six months later.  If you are the type of fashionista that this sounds good to, you might want to check it out. 

While the bread and butter of the site is handbags and shoes, there are also other selection like an eyelash skirt and underthings to give your clothes the intended look.  There are backless bras for trendy tops and dresses, which are hard for ladies to find sometimes.  In fact, i don't think I have ever heard of one aside from a long line!


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