Monday, April 06, 2009

Say It With Stainless

The industrial look has been a recognized design style for a number of years.  However, it goes in and out of being the trendiest or most common look.    Early industrial designs included found objects taken from surplus restaurant, office, and garage items.

There is a way to get the feel of that industrial look while still keeping your favorite sofa.   There are many stainless steel accents that you can use.    There are items that may come to mind more readily, such as picture frames, kitchen utensils, and wastebaskets. These help accent an industrial look.  

However, what really pushes a look from just having a metal accent here and there, versus choosing items that are not typically standard in stainless.  Stainless steel fireplace accessories, for example, can replace the standard brass models very easily to reinforce the look.

The objects at left are not holders for Jedi Lightsabers, but tea lights, believe it or not! You may be used to seeing such items presented with zen rocks or seashells. Stainless Steel tea light holders, because they are made in such an unexpected material are another great way to go industrial. Blomus Stainless Steel offers them on their website.  I have not seen anything quite like them.

If you really want to dive in, there are even whole stainless steel fireplaces.  There are even some portable ones available.  It is up to you how far you want to take the look.  Accessories are easy to put back in a closest if you change your mood.


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