Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Dance Shoes: Made Better Than They Used To

If you believe that I don't think they make things like they used to, then you know me very well. In olden days, which was not that long ago, shoemakers offered footwear in a wider range of sizes than they do today. After all, you do remember seeing triple and quadruple A widths, don't you? When you saw a width and another width was underneath a line, the shoe was actually two widths. One of those sets of letters would actually be the heel width. One would not need to buy grippers to stop from walking out of one's shoes as you could simple get shoes with a narrower heel!

danceshoe.gifOne thing that I don't believe "they don't make them like they used to" is dance shoes. You may think a dance shoe is a dance shoe, but technology and modern trends have actually been much kinder to those styles. While the appearance or image of toe shoes may not have changed much, advances in footwear has made impact a lot easier on the feet, knees, and back.

Zappos, which many people think of for trendy shoes, is actually a very good source for working dance shoes. They have a selection of men's ballet and jazz shoes right along with the women's. They carry several brands, including Capezio, a company that has been known as an innovator from the days of Joe Famolare until present.

However, if you are looking for a dance shoe in a larger size, you may want to look at the shoes that they carry by Freed of London. I did a spot check, and I saw a size 13 shoe offered. That's certainly a bonus for those thinking they are hard to fit.


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