Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Loosen Up That Treadmill

I was joking the other day with some friends about treadmills. Early ones were as large as a country road and ended up being rather expensive clothing hangers, or even view blockers. Technology has changed, but for many of us, just taking a walk is preferable. I was reminded that some people don't have a nice place to walk, or medical problems prevent them from it. So, in those cases, treadmills could serve a purpose.

lubenwalk.gifI did see that there is such a thing as treadmill lube. Maybe that is the key to it all. If you don't regularly care for your treadmill, it won't take care of you. Perhaps that is the reason for such woe in the home gym world.

It was surprising to me, as I looked around the web how much the other laundry hanger, exercise bikes have changed as well. One can actually buy a recumbent bike style that provides a different type of work out than a regular bike would. It is not replacing an activity and making one more reclusive, but actually creating a different type of exercise. I have known people that have purchased a regular recumbent bike and they either are obsessive about them or do not use them because of the weather. I think a stationary recumbent would actually be a good addition to your home gym.

Whatever you decide, before selecting equipment, decide how many people in the house are going to use the items to determine how much wear and tear they will get. Also, take a look at your space. People say they take up a lot of room, but only if they try to put them in a bedroom that is in use rather than having a dedicated space for it.


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