Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Celebrity Jewelry Secrets Revealed

Spring fever is in the air, and it also means that wedding season is getting underway. Aside from holiday time, spring is the biggest time of year for engagements. Maybe it is because there is that special feeling in the air, as seasonal effective disorder is finally at bay. New beginnings seem to be busting out all over.

You can do one of two things when considering an engagement ring or other special piece of jewelry. You can toddle on over to the local jeweler, or you can get more unique diamond jewelry that is anything but cookie cutter. In fact, over at BluFusion, a los angeles fine jewelry establishment, they make everything custom based on a customer's personality and preferences.   It is not a matter of just matching up a band and a rock.  Rather, it is about creating a work of art.

When you see something on the hand of a celebrity that looks nothing like anything you saw at your local mall, it is probably because the item was made especially for them.   Don't be afraid; just because celebrities do it doesn't mean that you can't.  You don't have to spend $3.5 million on a ring to have something uniquely yours...or uniquely for your spouse-to-be.   High end jewelry means high end quality and artistry no matter how large the diamond or how intricate the ring.

Custom diamond jewelry can involve the Hope diamond, or it can be much more practical.  A ring made up of several smaller diamonds, or more so less famous diamonds, can be just as beautiful.  Of course, the latter would have the benefit of being a ring the recipient can actually wear morning, noon, and night, instead of having to be followed by an entourage of insurance agents and bodyguards.    

If you have always been wondering where the rich and famous get such fabulous jewelry, now you know, and you can too.

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