Monday, April 13, 2009

Bubble Up!

There are many jokes about hospital garments.  The robes and the nightgowns just don't cover very much.  Some people even wear one the regular way and one backwards just so they avoid embarrassment.   If you are somewhere longer term, like in a rehab center before being able to go home, the attire is a little bit more relaxed.  You get to wear your own things for the most part.

I had a relative who was in such a facility and her things tended to disappear while she was in the bathroom.   I kid you not.   The only solution at the time was to write her name in marker on it, which would bleed through the clothing.

I wish name bubbles were invented back then.   They are a series of dishwasher and laundry safe labels that you can pop in or on items to declare your ownership.  Of course, things don't change much over time and now the next generation of the family needs them.  Earlier in life you need kids clothing labels as no one takes your things, but you lose them all the time. It is more or less to alert another parent that their kid accidentally put on the wrong raincoat.

In fact, for the very accident prone, I found that has a set of Camp Labels that gives you 124 labels for less than thirty four bucks.   The best part about it for most of us is that they are made in the good Ol USA by a company in New York!


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