Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Class Before Band Class was Always the Worst

As you can tell, I am waxing nostalgic over the school days of years far past.  What stream of consciousness would be complete without talking about band class?  Yes, the other kids would kick your musical instruments around during the class period after band.  You just didn't have enough time to take it back to your locker.

Of course, if you had a love of slide trombones, all you could do is leave it in the music room all day or lug it around.  Ditto the sousaphone, french horn, tuba, or drums. Of course, if you played drums, you usually used the school's drum set and then used your own just at home. Remember the hunk of wood with the rubber pad on it that your parents got you so you wouldn't make so much noise in the house? It sort of took the fun out of it for those that just chose the instrument to be loud, rather than those interested in the technique.

Back in the day, you really had to search around town to find an instrument.  Now, with site like Shopwiki, you can compare all the instruments from various sites around the web and get the best price.  Yes, even those flutes. Flute players always annoyed me because they could carry their instrument in their book bag, and it even fit in their locker or desk. Amateurs!

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