Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Be an Alaskan Adventurer

alaska.jpgAlaska travel is something that always stirred the imagination. Before World War II, it was still considered an exotic, far away place by many.  For that matter, today it is still considered to be an exotic, far away place depending on who you ask.  

My aunt and uncle took a tour to Alaska a couple years ago.  In their opinion, it is the trip of a lifetime.  One of the most beautiful ways to travel alaska is by "Flightseeing."

What is Flightseeing?  According to one of the travel services that offers tours including those near Denali Park, you are seeing the sights by small plane rather than by foot.   Here is an example of the benefits:

Seeing Mt. McKinley from the ground is never a sure thing as it is located ninety miles from Denali Park entrance and conditions constantly change.

To me, riding in a light aircraft reminds me of the plane that appears early on in Raiders of the Lost Ark.  Of course, you won't be in much danger of a snake sitting in your lap like Indy was surprised with, due to the weather.  Surprisingly, the weather is milder than you would imagine in the summer, but you still would want to bring a coat.



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