Monday, May 25, 2009

The Satellite is On When the Cable is Out

The price of Directv Service has really come down over the years. When it was new and novel, it was an arm and a leg. Now, there are packages for as low as $29.99 a month. I knew this would eventually happen. Just ask the people who bought $500 VCRs.

DirectTV has long been something that people have had to settle with when they lived out in the boonies, but now it is more competitive with cable, both in price and in selection. The benefit to cable, is that it offers competition. Cable companies have a monopoly on the local market most of the time. In any given part of town, you usually only have one choice for a cable provider, or you don't get cable. Direct TV levels the playing field as it forces cable companies to be more competitive.

A Directv system is usually easy to install. The nice thing is that your cable and phone may be out of commission at times, but the satellite may work. Of course, there will be times during storms when the satellite won't work, but it often provides a way to get information when other services fail. I knew someone who had her phone, internet, and cable tied in with the cable company and when the cable was out, everything else was out for days too. I have had a positive experience with satellite tv and hope you do too.


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