Monday, June 08, 2009

Is Article Alley up your Alley?

Some folks are looking for "guest" or Free content for their website or blog, and don't have a large enough network of quality writing friends to get the job done. On the other hand, there are writers that just want to get their name out. Most of the time, they wish to have their articles in wider distribution in hopes of getting more hits on their website.

There is a website called Article Alley that would satisfy both of those needs. If you are a writer, you can Submit Articles to the database. Various interested parties would be able to search for relevant topics and may just choose your article. They are required to link back to the article/site and keep your byline intact. This may just give you a few more people who pass around your work on the internet.

As far as payment, it appears that article writers are writing Free articles in more ways than one. They are free to use and the author receives publicity rather than pay. However, the site also offers a paid service where you can order articles on a specific topic and have them written just for you. It appears that this is done by editorial staff and not by the pool of writers who register for the site.


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