Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Bigger Equipment Can Save More Time

Did you know that John Deer made it through the Great Depression through a savvy business move? They forgave many debts that would have surely caused many small American farms to close their doors. They made it through the depression and so did we.

I know a few folks who have those original tractors, or have tractors that are slightly newer, but they still have been running for years. Sometimes new jobs crop up. When horses are added, a post hole digger may need to be added to the family, and that can be purchased as an attachment. If you need skid steer attachments, there are those available too.

Not everyone has the need for such industrial equipment. However, buying upgraded garden equipment can get the job done a lot faster with a lot less mayhem to the back and knees. In tight spots, zero turn mowers can really make life easier. They are not merely for acerage, but work well in the city and the suburbs due to irregularly shaped lots. Mowing around architectural and water features can certainly be a challenge.

Whatever you decide, remember that time equals money, so it may be worth the extra investment to buy the right tools.


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