Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lumineers: From Reality Show to You


A few years back, the craze in reality television was for makeover shows. There was The Swan, where women would be cosmetically altered. I will admit that sometimes there were contestants that looked just fine. They might not have been head turners, but they looked like average people, but maybe just didn't have the self esteem. Other times, the women had disfiguring conditions, such as scarring from accidents or dental problems, where cosmetic dentistry helped them smile without being embarrassed.

I always wondered about the teams that were on such shows, creating dental veneers that seemed to change lives. Actually, they are available to the general public. Lumineers by Cerinate, which are porcelain veneers, and the Den-Mat whitening system are what many shows and celebrities use. Lumineers are just contact lens thin and can be placed over bridges and crowns as well as standard issue teeth.

While it may be fun or voyeuristic for some to watch shows where someone else gets picked apart, you can improve your spirits and your health by paying attention to your smile. Some of us need a second chance. Teeth may deteriorate due to reasons other than daily hygiene. There are diseases, physical accidents, and medications that cause people to have tooth lost or breakage. If you are one of those people, having a veneer just may change your outlook.


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