Monday, June 01, 2009

This Week on Satellite

In 1945, Leo McCarey was named "Employee of the Year." He had one of the largest salaries in the United States that year, $1,113,035 to be exact, for directing Going My Way. Tonight on Turner Classic Movies, which is channel 256 on Direct TV, you'll see some of his other works as well.

On the other end of the Directv system, is American Movie Classics, which plays a mix of true classic films and cult classics. Something on the total opposite end of the spectrum from the works of Leo McCarey is Road House.

Road House stars Patrick Swayze, and is one of the darnedest movies to play on DirectTV. It was made into a cult classic because of its impossibly cheesy dialogue and the seriousness to which Swayze tackles his role in such a ridiculous premise. It is on Friday. Catch it on channel on your Direct TV system.

Whichever choice you make for your couch potato moments, you are sure to be entertained. You can either be enriched by a classic, or watch a movie to check it off your list to say you actually did it!


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