Sunday, June 07, 2009

And the Award Goes to...

High School graduations are upon us, but I have been invited to more kindergarten graduation than for high school! That certainly wasn't the trend when I was in kindergarten, but it seems now that in both kindergarten, and with the passage to middle school, they have small graduation ceremonies. Kids even get Academic Awards for attendance and such. Is this a good thing, celebrating other positive milestones in a child's life, or does this actually make the actual high school or college graduation ceremony less meaningful? I sure didn't think so. I loved all the trophies with my name on them.

Oddly enough, I received basketball trophies. This was puzzling, as at just shy of five feet tall, I must have been the district's shortest point guard. I must have been really talented. Actually, I wasn't. I received a plaque for being a good sport. I never seemed to let it bother me when I never got to play. In truth, it ate me away on the inside on why I never got to play. After all, I had been chosen to play on the team. Shouldn't they think I was good enough if that was the case? Being given the plaque sort of made me feel good, but I was also the type embarrassed to get up in front of people on the acceptance. Luckily, my coach let me just shake his hand and not say anything on the podium.

There are many other occasions this summer where you might order some form of a trophy. The tournaments are in full swing, and there are plenty of golf trophies, both with little golfers on top and acrylic plaques. Since the school year is about over, soccer trophies have probably been handed out. In fact, has a large selection.

Whatever you decide, make it meaningful. In fact, the most memorable awards have been those that have been a bit tongue in cheek. I have seen people order trophies and desk plates for milestone birthdays, or for awards that sort of poked fun at the recipient. When I graduated, someone got an award for who looked best in jeans, and who was the person who usually tried to borrow everyone else's stuff, as well as the typical "Most Likely to Succeed."

What are some crazy trophies or awards you have received? Do you still have them? Are you thinking about buying a trophy to commemorate something this year? Drop me a line. I would love to hear about it.


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