Wednesday, July 01, 2009

They Still Had Acne in The Good Old Days

Back in the "good old days" if you had acne, you basically had to suffer through it. Well, that was not entirely true. You could scour your face, or use witch hazel. The most popular remedy was just everyone assuming that you would "grow out of it" eventually.

"Growing out of it" without any sort of more sophisticated acne product, it usually meant that you would have scarring later. Laying off certain foods didn't always help, as the reasons that one had acne breakouts was uncertain as two kids could exercise the same care with cleanliness and grooming and one could still be afflicted. Don't be fooled that no one had acne in the 50s. A tv show might center around the fact that a character just had a single blemish but it was all gone in time for the next episode, sometimes using a very comic acne solution, such as something from the sandbox.

In more recent television history, Kelly, on the original Saved by the Bell, get acne. Screech creates a substance that instantly erases zits. Unfortunately, the side effect is that your face turns maroon. The plot line has been repeated since, and has occurred in other shows prior with the details and results slightly changed.

If you suffer from acne, it is nothing to be ashamed about whether you are a teenager or you suffer from it as an adult. With the right acne treatment, you will get your confidence and dermatological health back in no time.


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