Thursday, July 30, 2009

Clothing Is Easy to Search for on Zappos

I have long browsed the Zappos website to look for just about every kind of shoe that you can imagine. It is fitting, as I think the word Zappos is sort of short for "zapatos," which is Spanish for shoes. Maybe that is not where they got there name, but that is what comes to mind for me.

zappos.gifLately, I have been noticing that clothing selections have been trickling in to the site. Now, they have a full fledged clothing section. There are a variety of trendy clothing brands available from Adidas to Zoots. The search feature is very user friendly. You don't need to know exactly what you are looking for, just select who it is for, what style of clothing you would like to find, color, and size.

Even if you are not sure of all those details, you can select the ones you are sure of in the drop down menu, and you will be told how many selections are available before even hitting the search button. To me, this is very helpful. I really appreciate this. Hitting the back button every time when you find that you did not receive any results is frustrating.

I expect that if Zappos is offering the same excellent customer service, shipping so speedy it got their yesterday, and ease of search, I have no doubt they will do very well with their clothing sales.


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