Monday, August 17, 2009

Deep Marketing Thoughts after a Mental Vacation


It is the body's natural inclination to want to take a nap in the afternoon. Remember the Diamond Nut commercial that talked about sleepy people being stricken with sudden attacks of Robert Goulet messing up their desks because they were too tired to notice? I rest my case. In many countries throughout the world, business indeed stop in the late afternoon, to commence later.

onlinesiesta1.gifTomer Treves has lunch everyday, and then takes a little siesta. He uses that time to share his thoughts. He blogs about online marketing and digital advertising. Treves definitely has some expertise in the field, as be is a VP at a company called Infolinks.

In one of his musings, he raises a very interesting point about free offers. Often, free offers include free samples, or free articles to read. He writes:

Free is not really free. For every free offer we take, we actually pay with our most precious currency – our attention.

He offers the idea that for the concept to evolve and thrive, the offer has to commensurate with the time and attention it takes. Personally, I have been invited to take online surveys for various companies. Some offer pennies for twenty minutes of my time. I pass them by because the time it takes is not worth it to me. However, if I were taking a survey about a subject I was passionate about, I possibly would do it out of the goodness of my heart, or for my own interest. This follows his concept of the value of attention, it can not always be accurately monetized.

A few years ago, the craze in online marketing was to motivate people to perform an action, such as clicking, but with attention recognized as a value, companies may see longer residuals, as he suggests. For more "fresh from a mental vacation" thoughts, check out the blog.


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