Tuesday, August 11, 2009

An Address Plaque Says You're Here to Stay

10304-2-01.jpgWhen fixing up around the house, there are some small touches that can turn your shop or residence into a jewel box versus a little hole in the wall, and a country estate instead of a big old house. Just like mailboxes are important, address plaques and signs are even more so. After all, how is someone supposed to find your house without them?

An address plaque with an upscale look, instead of stick on numbers, can make your home look more finished. It also says "welcome" versus "enter at your own risk". You can add a wall address plaques, or your number and surname on a stake that mounts in the ground. A sign that mounts in the dirt may be a better choice if your front door is down a windy path. This way, people know they came to the right place, before an embarrassing knock at the door. In some subdivisions, homes look so similar. Every third house is the same floor plan just flipped, it seems.

When you buy address plaques and numbers for your business, it gives your place an air of permanency. Unless you have a seasonal business, having a paper sign up for weeks makes customers feel like you don't have the interest in staying around awhile. Even if the business is your life's love, people don't think you planned far enough in advance or carefully enough. Proper signage can mean a lot subconsciously. An "I just discovered you," versus an "Are you closing?" is usually better, I would say!

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