Tuesday, September 08, 2009

File Extensions Are Us

driver_cure.jpgSometimes, friends send me documents. The attachments almost always have an extension that is totally Greek to me. Lately, I have been getting quite a few with file extension mso What is a file extension? Those are the letters after the dots in a file name. For example, let's say you are sending a photo of your dog Sparky, and you named the file "Sparky." The file name might be Spark.jpg. The file extension is .jpg.

Now that you know what a file extension is, you are most likely wondering what file extension mso is. MSO indicates that the file was written in a Microsoft Office program. Unlike a .jpg, the file cannot be read on its own. It is sort of an added ingredient when you email a Microsoft Office file. The best way I can describe the situation is that it helps the email client handle the file properly.

How did I get so smart about file extension mso if I hinted before that I don't know all of these crazy little acronyms? There is a program named DriverCure that is available for a download that helps you out with all of these little mysteries. It corrects and updates all the drivers in your computer so that every little file can be launched and communicates properly with your system.



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