Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What We Do For Beauty

There is so much we do to ourselves to be even more beautiful and handsome than we are. Some may call it tweaking the truth, others say we are "doing the best with what we have." Either way, a lot of cash goes in to tonics, hair cures, body wraps and weight loss aids.

For the most part an inch loss body wrap is not something you just find at the corner store. It is something that is mostly found in day spas and consists of sea minerals. However, now you can get it on the internet. They say it removes toxins from cells, making you able to take off a lot of weight. I think it works on the same principle of sweating a horse's neck. The water retention is reduced in a concentrated spot, causing the area to shrink. I am no expert, but in my mind, that is what it seems like. The body is wrapped tightly while undergoing the treatment. The first treatment usually works pretty well, and the other treatments are for maintenance.

Beauty products are not always this intensive as far as the work you need to do to have success. Products that strengthen your hair, or make it shine are a simple "wash, rinse, repeat." No matter what, beauty products do not replace a good diet and at least moderate exercise. They will make the most of what you have, but if you are using them to counter the effects of poor choices in nutrition, you will be siphoning your money away day by day.


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