Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Warm Heart, Warm Feet

radiantheat.gifIn home renovations, one thing people don't always consider is the option of Radiant heat coming through the floor. Most people consider it a luxury item only. There are high end homes where the bathroom has a heated floor, but that is considered luxurious and excessive.

Did you know that in years past, that kind of heating was considered practical and it was a little more common. It was seen at just above entry level price points in most cases. A relative of mine bought a small house in Florida. It is about 1400 square feet. It has radiant heat in the ceiling, rather than the floor. You just felt so much warmer with your feet toasty or the heat coming through the walls. It is very efficient. There are no hot and cold parts of the house. There is also no loud rattle that a radiator would give off.

The other nice thing with having it in an older home or retrofitting it is that there is no "blow back" from the furnace. That was an adventure one day at Grandma's house when we all came home to dust everywhere. I am too young to remember how it happened, but it definitely happened.

Would you consider radiant heat knowing how efficient is?

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