Monday, August 31, 2009

Good as Gold

There have been a lot of commercials about selling your gold, but there have been many that have cropped as well advising us to buy gold bullion. Of course, there have always been offers for us to buy commemorative gold coins. The commercials state the urgency of never being able to buy a certain design again, or having to do so later at a much higher price. No matter what, the value of gold going forward has been touted.

Buying a single coin is not going to amount to much, but some people are even doing a gold IRA transfer because they feel it is more stable in the long run. My great-grandparents kept rolls of silver coins in the floorboards. I can't imagine what the repair would be if the dip in the floor had been something heavier, like gold. Because of the bulk, I just don't know how to put gold in my IRA. I was quickly corrected on exactly what a gold 401k or IRA is. It just means that instead of having your money in stocks, it is in gold. You don't physically have bars of gold just like you don't have individual pieces of paper for each stock. The fund purchases them on your behalf rather than shipping them to your door.

If you believe that gold is a much more stable investment, you might want to learn about how a 401k Gold IRA helps your retirement bottom line or how to put gold in an IRA. It is not "all or nothing." Sometimes a gold fund can balance out more volatile stock investments that you may have also.


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