Thursday, September 10, 2009

Car Insurance: Let Them Fight Over You

Free Pictures | acobox.comLately, I have been shopping around for car insurance. I have lived in places where I didn't need a car. Public transportation was not only available, but the majority of people used it and only used their car on weekends. Then, there was a period of time I was carless due to some mishaps. Now, I am ready to go look at a car, and I am really excited.

I long for the days when you could tinker with your own car. Because I have a fondness for older vehicles, I have been thinking about just simply getting liability insurance. It would cover any property damage, or any injury to myself or others. It would not replace the car, but that would be okay based on the age and value of the car. It would be more economical to just get another one than fix. States do not require anything more than liability to get your car on the road. Though it would be nice to have a higher level of coverage, I am a safe driver so don't usually use the extras. Of course, they say it is not yourself that you have to look out for, but for others.

What I didn't think about before is if I shopped around, I might be able to find insurance premiums that afford me more coverage by changing my deductible. If I have a higher deductible, my premium would go down. What would be the point where my deductible was so high it didn't make sense? I am not sure. I guess its back to the drawing board. If I go to, I can plug in my info and insurance companies can compete for me. Now, that's a change.



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