Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Feeling Down About Your Down Spouts?

rainchain.jpgFrom time to time, we have talked about unique elements to restore a very historical home. Whether it be a bungalow or a Victorian, there are ways to take it back in time. What if you rather not have every accessory lend to a time capsule atmosphere, but wanted something that is unique, creative, yet timeless.

White, square gutters are a big improvement over other solutions over the years. They avoid many problems of strain on the roof. Did you know that many folks are using rain chains instead?

What is a rain chain, you ask? It is a series of connected cups, funnels, and spouts that carry the rain from the rooftop to the ground. Many are made of copper and they create an interesting patina over time. The attach or rest right to the gutter hole, so it doesn't involve any alteration to the home.

Rain chains come in many elegant and whimsical designs. In fact, they are nothing new. They have had them in Japan for hundreds of years. They have not caught on in a widespread way in the United States, but slowly you see unique homes adding them. They are also great for garden vignettes. If you have an arbor, overhang, or gazebo. If you are looking for something that not every one of your neighbors have, this could well be the answer.

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