Thursday, September 17, 2009

Make Like a Turtle and Move Your Office With You

139.jpgI have driven down some long country roads the last time I went to Florida. Off the beaten path, you find some interesting trees, shops, and wildlife. There were tree farms, and automotive businesses alike that seemed to have a small metal building instead of a concrete, permanent structure. All that was needed for the business was a little area for shelter for employees or volunteers, and perhaps a place to store paperwork and the like. To me, it seemed to be a portable office, as with some doing, you could probably put it anywhere on the property. I would imagine if it was a seasonal business, it could just go on the back of a trailer.

Little did I know that there are actually businesses devoted to portable cabins, such as the Jackson Group in the UK. In fact, poking around the website I found that the insides were more deluxe than I would have imagined. The walls are a melamine on the inside, which is a bit different than the corrugated steel look that I was expecting. I could imagine one at a movie set, not just at a construction site.

Whatever style of portable accommodation you need, it appears that you can get it. There are units that have multiple rooms. While I wouldn't recommend staying the night as there is no bathroom, I think you could easily put a cot in there if you were using it as hunting outpost or an outpost for selling your yearly Christmas trees. I think it would make a great dressing room, too, for trade or clothing expositions.

The possibilities are endless. What would you use a portable office for?

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